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What’s the New Color for 2016?

I think the next hot color is a shade of light blue that is reminiscent of the salty sea. Soft turquoise is the shade that I would go with this year. I found an image of a pair of earrings that set me off today!


So easy to accentuate!!!!!!

donut cakePhoto: MegRuth Photo

What could be more fun than starting your day with your wedding???? Right??? It makes for an amazing and super fun day with all of your family and friends.Kate Headley Photographyheart cakes pan-popsPancake pop recipe via Little Inspiration


My perfect day would start with an early morning ladies prep party with mimosas and a lot of coffee ;-)


Head off to a lovely ceremonyperfect right???


Have a fabulous brunch studio_EMP-19

[Photography] Studio EMP
[Table Design & Catering] 24 Carrots Catering & Events
[Chalk Art] Inviting Occasion
[Cake] Flavor Pursuit Bakeshop
[Artisan Bread] OC Baking Company


And finish the morning with croquet and giant jenga ;-) lawn games


perfect right???



Invitations, invitations and more invitations…

Tis the season to me married, tra la la la la….

Let’s get ready to choose the invitations that perfectly fit your style and expresses your wedding day, weekend or week ;-)

Now, I’m partial to unusual and unique suites that have a personal touch. You can personalize even the simplest invitation suite by adding something to it. Maybe it’s dries leaves, snowflakes or herbs.



That said… you can find some absolutely perfect sets that you don’t have to add a thing to.

I LOVE this set from Under Consideration…


I love this one from The Green Kangaroo

So the colors are your choice and they are perfect for the mountain weddings that we love so much.

I will always love this idea…. being a lit major and loving to read. You can buy vintage books and insert the invitation. Shipping is higher, but truly who cares when you start getting the feedback ;-)


I’m still a fan of the wood even though they are getting more popular…


Very clever Wedding Wheel from BurninghouseSF


Pretty invites. Rustic lace





SO MANY FUN IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


More Winter Wedding Ideas

I admit it… I LOVE blue, silver and grey in the winter. It just fits so well.

No matter what your décor is you can enhance it with a little lighting flair… try blue up-lighting with a grey palette… I love this combination



Here are a few fun photos from the internet…



Winter Wedding Ideas


the whole concept of winter weddings is SO under appreciated!

It’s cold and snowy up here in the mountains and there isn’t a better feeling in the world than to be snuggled up with friends and family.

It can be a big affair or small and really intimate. I have to say that a few of my favorite weddings have been when we’ve rented a couple of houses/cabins and everyone stayed together and we even had the ceremonies in front of the fire. We can transform a space into a magical wonderland.

magical… right… imagine the possibilities

Alicia and Ian

ladies halos DSC_0112 DSC_0180 DSC_0209 DSC_0120Here’s a really sweet wedding on Ajax. Wonderful couple and super thoughtful.

I know… pity about the view, right?!?!


All of the ladies at the wedding were given halos which looked really festive and just added a nice touch to the décor.

a few wedding photos from this summer

This was a really fun wedding at the Snowmass Valley Ranch. Amazing location! Beautiful couple too! Thank you Germaine and Nathan for being so wonderful to work with!


You Take the Cake

I have to make a very selfish plea… I would like everyone to care about the cake please.

I have a sweet tooth… there is no getting around that. I consider myself to be a snob in only one category… the cake… I like the frosting the most, but if the cake is amazing then I’ll eat some of that as well. Now, I fully realize that your weddings are not about me and I respect and honor that, but take pity on those of us who like the cake tradition.

That said… I do not like bad cake and I wouldn’t let anyone spend money on a bad cake. I look at the cake as the dessert and though you may want late night snacks (sweet or savory) I think the cake should be big enough for everyone to have a full slice. I do have a little hang-up with the sheet cakes too by the way. I think it looses a little in the translation when a tall, round, gorgeous cake goes away and you are served a piece from the sheet cake… just make the gorgeous cake bigger ;-)

I am partial to serving 2-3 flavors as well. Chocolate with caramel filling, vanilla with fresh berries and cream, and carrot cake (no nuts please) all frosted with French butter cream. This way most people can find a flavor that suits their taste. A side of fresh berries is a pretty perfect accompaniment.

Let’s take a look at a few recent cakes…

Lisa Jo's All Things Sweet     Melissa Miller     IMG_1570     but with great cupcakes     Wedding Cake Creative Weddings & Celebrations Wedding Event Planners


I love dessert stations as well, but I think the cake is a beautiful statement and it makes me sad to hear that people aren’t as interested in the cake as they used to be. The symbolism of the cake and feeding it to each other is that you are promising each other to nourish one another both literally and figuratively. It’s a nice sentiment to boot ;-) It is also just so iconic and can be a focal point

So… he doesn’t want to wear flowers…

This gallery contains 13 photos.


Love this look!
we do these quite a lot in the Roaring Fork Valley… love them!




a very nice Austrian flair ;-)
hello, winter weddings

Here are some ideas from the web for those guys that just don’t want to wear flowers…There are some phenomenal options…



I really like the elegance of these Anna Sinclair Bouts… really lovely!








Some fun invitations

This gallery contains 19 photos.


zazzle uk. it’s metallic paper but I need to fin it in sheet metal right?



print outside the boc .com – you provide the artwork


oslo press

I love working with oslo press. pricey, but fantastic

   thCAX28B7T snowset

We seem to be doing a lot of really ACFC16-very-unique-invitationcool invitations these days. I feel like I’ve been on the web searching and thought I’d better try to save you all the work ;-)

I’ve been looking for the most wonderful wooden invitation. here are a few…

wood chick studio

wood chick studio



stamp world online
custom printed products

my personal fav

martian laser


elizabeth ann designs



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