Invitations, invitations and more invitations…

Tis the season to me married, tra la la la la….

Let’s get ready to choose the invitations that perfectly fit your style and expresses your wedding day, weekend or week ;-)

Now, I’m partial to unusual and unique suites that have a personal touch. You can personalize even the simplest invitation suite by adding something to it. Maybe it’s dries leaves, snowflakes or herbs.



That said… you can find some absolutely perfect sets that you don’t have to add a thing to.

I LOVE this set from Under Consideration…


I love this one from The Green Kangaroo

So the colors are your choice and they are perfect for the mountain weddings that we love so much.

I will always love this idea…. being a lit major and loving to read. You can buy vintage books and insert the invitation. Shipping is higher, but truly who cares when you start getting the feedback ;-)


I’m still a fan of the wood even though they are getting more popular…


Very clever Wedding Wheel from BurninghouseSF


Pretty invites. Rustic lace





SO MANY FUN IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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